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The Season of Spring

Spring is marking the time of new beginnings new opportunities and rebirth.

In the wheel the Spring is situated in the direction of the East and is regarded as the place of the child.The changes that we see happen around us so rapidly is as if we look at the development of the early stages of babies change where on all levels growth happens faster then ever in our lifetime.

The place where the sun rises as we welcome a new day.

This time of year where we experience the increase of light the days become longer and brighter.

There is more movement as the Earth is awakening from the winter and the soil is warming from the sun.

We see this in new growth of plants around us and the animals preparing for new life.

This time is such a beautiful opportunity to plant new seeds whether this manifests through planning new ventures or setting goals for the next period to come.

A wonderful time reflect on what has come up over the period of gestation in the Winter and what can do with that to Spring clean so you can start anew.

For some this time of movement can feel overwhelming as life is speeding up around us we can start to create a lot of expectation of where we should be at or having to know where we are going.

A great awareness to create around this is that thoughts are like seeds that grow so be aware that you hold compassion for yourself and that there is no right or wrong when it comes to timing.

When we however start aligning ourself with the seasons we can create a natural flow that is expressed around us within our personal lives.

So look to nature what is happening around, what do you observe and where are you at.

No need to be in the country to make this connection and to marvel at nature.

We can access this in an inner-city.

You still notice the change of light.See that the trees in park are growing new leafs.The birds are busy and the temperature is changing.

A beautiful thing to do is to plant some herb seeds like Parsley and look after them tend to them.Knowing that when we nourish them they will soon grow out to be lush.Use this as a metaphor for how you can tend to yourself, nourish and care for yourself mind body and spirit so you can thrive.

And start this Season of Spring with a fresh childlike curiosity and wonderment of change that happens around so seemingly gracefully.

Wishing you an amazing Spring.

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