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A transformative audio bundle for guidance and healing. Enjoy a deeply personal exploration of the 4 Elements. Lie back and relax as you are taken on an auditory adventure with nature.  Reconnect to your inner wisdom. Experience clarity and a renewed sense of self. 


Each of the Elements we will visit together reflects a different aspect of yourself:


Water=Connects to our Emotions.

Fire=Our passions and that which motivates us to take action.

Earth=The physical body and how we are in relationship with this part of ourselves.

Air =Connects to our thoughts/limiting beliefs. The workings of our mind.


Visit the home page for a sample of each track.


When all these parts of ourselves are aligned we feel vibrant, healthy and experienced well-being in our lives.


Your transformation


Experience a deeper sense of connection to yourself and to the larger web of life. As you gain a clearer vision of where you are right now you are able to trust the natural process, inviting in more peace and less stress.


The perfect gift for someone you love:


  • Anyone who wants to explore shamanic guided meditations.
  • Anyone who wants to gain clarity of their inner landscape and personal well being.
  • Anyone who wishes to feel self-empowered. 
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed.
  • Anyone who feels the strain of the separation and disconnect experienced during these times.
  • Anyone who wishes to nourish themselves and practise or commit to more sacred selfcare.


You receive


  • Professionally mastered MP3's with clear, crisp audio quality.
  • Downloadable files ready to experience at your leisure.
  • A printable gift certificate ready to pop in a card and present to your loved one.




Each of the meditations are normally £7.99 each.


Recieve all 4 for just £19.99



Receive a bonus audio only available as part of the Wisdom of the Element's package:

Transformation- The Path to Reconnection 




Receive an invitation for yourself + one friend for my popular and supportive online Full moon circle in January. Together we will be setting the stage for the year ahead with a beautiful journey. Members of the monthly circle also receive a personal reading which will be sent afterward plus connection to a truly special group of like minded people. (This bonus has limited availability so buy now to ensure your place)


Bonus value = £51.99


So you get 5 tracks + a Live Full moon circle invite for 2 all for £19.99 instead of £85.


About this special offering


This audio bundle is a collaboration between my husband Randolph and I to celebrate 21 beautiful years together.  Randolph's compositions and vocal artistry span two decades, with solo and collaborative performances and writing. He has worked with artists from the Classical Jazz and Contemporary art scenes. Randolph's experience in multidisciplinary art forms has led to him to present his work in solo and group exhibitions in London and internationally for prestigious organisations such as The National Gallery, Greenwich Maritime, The British Museum and The BBC. He has toured extensively throughout his career in Europe and Central Africa collaborating with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Richard Bona, and International performer/choreographer Alesandra Seutin. What a way to spend quality time over lockdown, creating this offering truly from the heart.


We invite you to reconnect with what's most important.


With love from us to you.




Wisdom of the Elements Guided Meditation Bundle

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