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Grounding meditation offering-Available for readers of Frank Magazine.

A grounding meditation is this months giveaway for readers of my latest article as contributing editor for Frank magazine. Access it for yourselves below:


Step into Summer’s flow

By Sjoukje(Shalke)Gummels

Summer marks a time of celebrating life's fullness and all that is in bloom. This is my favorite time of the year, a time of deep connection to the Earth. I love the abundance, warmth, and possibilities that this time of year provides and surrounds us with. It’s a busy time energetically as we naturally have more social engagements. We spend more time outdoors with friends and family. We might be gardening and tending to the seeds we have sown in Spring. The energy is one of being in motion and observing how the dreams, thoughts or intentions that we set previously are manifesting. The Seasons all have a place on the wheel of the year. Autumn sits in the West, Winter in the North, Spring in the East and the Summer season is situated in the cardinal direction of the South and is regarded as the place of youth and adolescence. With a sense of belonging to one's family and community Summer is a time of continued nurturance. We can observe the maturation of life in nature as well as within ourselves. In practical terms you are invited to re-evaluate where you are at personally or professionally. This can apply to your dreams, projects, intentions or health goals you might have set at the beginning of the year. It is a fantastic time to let go of that which no longer serves you moving forward and to create space for something new and to start afresh. Celebrate all that has gone well thus far and consider whether the challenges you have faced have provided any valuable insights or lessons.

Where has this possibly led to a shift in perspective, of direction or a shift in lifestyle? An invitation of Self-enquiry

  • What is my main focus right now?

  • What are the current manifestations of my intentions, projects, and goals?

  • Am I enjoying where I am currently?

  • What is working well and what do I feel I might need to let go of to create space for something new?

  • What else could I explore that I have not considered until now?

If everything is in flow

  • How do I keep tending to and nurturing what I'm doing or dreaming of?

  • What new actions am I able to take?

  • What can I do to make a difference in the large picture, in my immediate community, or in the collective?

  • What makes my heart sing?

Always keep in mind that your personal happiness is a powerful contribution in and of itself. Embrace what you enjoy doing.

The Energy of Summer

Summer is a period of fertility, physical activity, sensuality, and play. It is an expansive time and not the time to be playing small. This season connects us to the peak of Solar energy, making it a wonderful time for us to absorb and soak in this cosmic light and re-energise our spirits. The light that you have access to is simply a reminder of your own inner strength and beauty. This is the time for you to radiate your magnificent light.

Staying centred during this expansive season

This busy and expansive time of year might make us feel overwhelmed, nervous or stressed. This isn't uncommon, especially for those of us who are energy sensitive. Grounding exercises can be really beneficial. Taking the time to reset yourself will bring you back into the present moment and can help to calm your nervous system. This will help you to respond rather than react to what happens in your life.


A way that you can support yourself with this is to add grounding practises to your daily routine which will support you in connecting to your body. A suggestion from me would be walking, dancing, gardening, pilates, meditation or standing barefoot on the Earth. Feel the Earth’s support beneath your feet and breathe this abundant energy into your body. Visualise it!

A Grounding Meditation Gift from me to you.

If you wish to explore grounding through meditation I have added a grounding guided journey to this article for you to explore (video below):


Keeping a gratitude journal is another beneficial practice. This time can be filled with expectations of where we should or could have been at this point. A gratitude practice allows you to take stock of all that is good and beautiful in your life. All that you have achieved rather than what you have not. This simple practice really is a genuine act of kindness towards yourself. When you align yourself with the seasons you can experience a natural flow and deeper knowledge that is expressed around you and inside your life. I wish you a wonderful Summer season.

With warmest wishes


Bio: Sjoukje(Shalke)Gummels is a model, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a mother of two. She leads guided meditations, Full Moon Circles, and one-on-one healing sessions. Sjoukje encourages people to use their imagination and senses to actively explore their inner landscape for guidance and healing. Join us in deepening your connection to Nature, developing your intuition, and remembering the gifts and strengths that run through you.

Please visit for more information on meditations and new courses.

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