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Fun Release methods for kids

Dear friends

For some time now I have been called to share some very effective and fun ways to support our children at this time of change.

I have had many converstations where parents have expressed that their children are struggling with the implications that isolation has brought up.

Some have difficulties sleeping,some have expressed feeling worried or showing significant changes in their behaviours.

This time can be trialing for all In a household.

We all have to find new ways of moving things forward.

So when I spoke to our youngest yesterday I mentioned to him that I was really called to share ways that could benefit youngsters to release their worries or other emotions they might hold and to create a ceremonial way to release that which no longer serves by acknowledging it and then releasing it.

He mentioned the work we had done a couple of weeks ago when we did a release ceremony at the beach after he had a bad dream that really unsettled him.

Below you will find some methods we have worked with and have really enjoyed for releasing worries,bad dreams frustrations.

The Elements offer us great ways to transmute and transform that which is weighing on us.


If it is in your vicinity you might want to go to the water,sea ,a stream or a pond.Invite your child to see if something in nature would like to assist them to release what bothered them or what they wish to let go of this can be a little pebble, a leaf ,a flower and ask for that object to carry away the worries by whispering them into the object.They don’t need to tell you what it is and I encourage you to join in.It is beautiful sharing time.


Fire is knows for its transformative energy of course safety first and we don’t want to encourage pyromania.However some children might want to draw that which worries them or write it down.You can support them by giving them the opportunity to offer it to the fire and ask them to imagine that what ever they have put in the fire will transform into blessings.


Working with the Element of air you can use the same ways as written above. A fun way of working here is blowing bubbles or a dandelion and allowing the wind to carry the worries and transform them into blessings.If it is a windy day you could work with a leaf and whisper into the leaf before you let the wind carry it away.


Here they can bury a pebble or a leaf or a stick that they have found asking for the object to carry that which bothers them and asking that the Earth will support them as she always does reminding them that all vegetation and fruits come from the earth and feed us.You can give them the image that nature transform and can disintegrate like compost and from there create lush vegetations and new life.

This is a suggestion so please make it yours.

Stellar energy:

Put some beautiful music on and ask your child to image that they are as bright as a star and invite them to imagine that the brights starlight transforms all there worries in to light and love make it in to a party join them.

Joy transforms.

Working with nature is a beautiful and simple way to reconnect to ourself and to appreciate that which we have around us.

You can also do this ceremony in support of seeing the world in its strength by blowing light love compassion and words of healing ,working with the same methods shown above but instead of the intention to release your intention is of emanating your wishes for the world to be, seeing all in beauty and strength.

Nature will really appreciate this gesture.

Always make sure to thank the Elements and objects in nature that have volunteered them self for this release ceremony.

Many Blessings and light


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