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 opening to intuition

a journey of connecting to your inner wisdom 

20 - 24 june 2024

puglia, ITALY 


About the retreat 


Would you like to embark on a journey to reconnect with your inner wisdom and the natural world? The "Opening to Intuition" retreat in Puglia offers a unique opportunity to do just that.


Set against the idyllic backdrop of the stunning Italian countryside, this five-day experience seamlessly combines shamanic journeys, guided meditations, and creative activities with physical exercises to foster deep self-discovery and healing.


Participants will delve into transformative practices such as ceremonial rituals, nature walks, and energy work, meticulously designed to release emotional blockages and enhance self-awareness.

Each day is meticulously structured with activities that promote deep connection, from immersive nature experiences that tap into the restorative powers of the Earth to spiritual renewal ceremonies, yoga, and meditation sessions.


Additionally, the retreat includes engaging cultural immersion opportunities like village walks and pasta-making workshops, which enrich the experience by celebrating the local "La Dolce Vita" spirit.


This holistic approach ensures a profound journey toward greater vitality, wholeness, and introspection, all within a nurturing environment that is supported by expert guidance.


Whether you are seeking spiritual growth, emotional clearing, or simply a peaceful break from the daily grind, this retreat offers the perfect setting to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

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  whats included in the retreat 

  • Accommodation and Meals: Stay at a villa in Puglia for 4 nights with all meals provided, including a welcome dinner and special activities like pasta making.

  • Transportation: Pick-up from a central location in Bari on arrival day.

  • Guided Activities: Shamanic journeys, guided meditation, medicine walks, nature and integration walks, yoga sessions, creative and ceremonial practices.

  • Special Sessions: Cacao ceremony, energy flow dance, fire release ceremony, and a gifting ceremony.

  • Personal Growth Opportunities: Optional one-on-one sessions for deeper clearing or emotional release, and group Reiki sessions.

what you will learn & benefit  

  • Deepened Intuition and Self-awareness: Engage in activities designed to open and enhance inner wisdom and self-awareness.

  • Emotional Healing: Release emotional blockages through guided meditations and energy work.

  • Spiritual Insights and Practices: Learn the significance of creating sacred spaces, shifting vibrations, and connecting with ancestral energies.

  • Physical and Creative Expression: Participate in physical exercises, movement workshops, and creative sessions to express and rejuvenate oneself.

  • Connection with Nature: Direct engagement with the natural surroundings through walks, swimming in natural waters, and nature-based ceremonies.

  • Rejuvenating Practices: Engage in practices that not only relax but also rejuvenate the body and mind, leading to increased energy levels and overall vitality.

  • Group Dynamics: The retreat facilitates communal activities and shared experiences, helping participants forge deep connections and build a supportive community, enhancing interpersonal skills and empathy.


The "Opening to Intuition"  retreat at La Vita Sukha is beautifully set in the tranquil and picturesque region of Puglia, offering a serene backdrop that enhances the overall transformative experience.

Participants will immerse themselves in the vibrant natural beauty of the area, with opportunities for adventure and exploration such as forest treks, mountain ridge walks, and swimming in natural waterfalls and streams.

The retreat location also allows for a cultural immersion into the local Italian lifestyle, offering experiences like a village walk and a hands-on pasta-making workshop.

This setting not only supports deep relaxation and rejuvenation but also enriches the spiritual and emotional journey of the participants, making it an ideal environment for reconnecting with nature and oneself.

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founder /coach sjoukje gummels

Sjoukje Gummels is a dynamic and versatile individual whose career has spanned continents and disciplines. Beginning her journey in the glamorous world of fashion, Sjoukje travelled extensively, spearheading campaigns for illustrious brands like Harrods, Harper’s Bazzar and Max Factor. Her work took her to global fashion capitals, where she not only left her mark on advertising but also enriched her perspective through diverse cultural experiences.


In 2000, Sjoukje transitioned to the UK, where she embarked on a transformative path in the realm of energy healing. As a Shamanic Practitioner, she delved into profound healing modalities including Reiki, Regression Therapy, and Shamanic Healing. Her quest for knowledge led her to train under globally recognised teachers such as Sandra Ingerman and Imelda Almqvist, completing intensive courses in Core Shamanism and Shamanic Practitioner Training. Her dedication to spiritual growth continued under Joan Parisi Wilcox, focusing on Andean Mysticism.


As natural born intuitive Sjoukje's commitment to sharing her knowledge has seen her facilitate and participate in workshops across Portugal, Oman, Holland, and beyond. Her travels have also taken her to spiritual destinations like Cape town, Mexico, and India, enriching her practice and broadening her spiritual horizons.


In recent years, Sjoukje has turned her focus to bespoke guided meditation  coaching and retreats launching her project Clarity Compass. Through this initiative, she offers personalised meditation readings, serving public figures, celebrities, and a global audience through platforms like Inside Timer and The Village. Her work aims to foster clarity and direction, guiding individuals towards a more centred and peaceful existence.



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