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To book an appointment

The process of an actual appointment starts prior to us meeting.

A welcome letter will be sent out and with your permission I will do a Diagnostic Journey in which my Helping and compassionate Spirits will guide me in which way to be of assistance to you.

You will then be given preparation work this normally takes place a week before us meeting and is essential to do.

After our session you will also be given after care or self care work this is to support integration of the work that was done.

The energy exchange/Cost of a session:

I operate on a sliding scale from £65-£75 p/hr the general duration for a session is 2.5 hours.A healing session price will be between £130-£150.Prices depend on whether I work from my space in Folkestone or from The Cloudgate Therapies wellness clinic in London.All will be agreed upon before the session takes place.

Aftercare and diagnostic work is included.

If the minimum amount is a challenge, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Skype sessions cost £50, payable in full 24 hours in advance and non-refundable after this.

Please note that not all work can be done remotely.

Cancellation fee

Please give me as much notice as possible 24 hrs latest if you cannot make the session we can then reschedule.However I will require taking a 50% payment upfront which will become non refundable whether rescheduling takes place or not.Do let me know on the day if you are running later or experiencing travel difficulties.

I really look forward welcoming you to the session and sharing space with you.

Many Blessings Sjoukje

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