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Shadow Reflection


When we think of The shadow the association we think of darkness, something heavy, negative, fear ,something you’d rather avoid then invite, right?

It was not until I started training with my teacher Imelda Almqvist that the importance of shadow work came to the for front.I remember her saying that to be a safe practitioner we must do our Shadow work to avoid where we can projection or judgements to come into our practise whilst working with our clients.

Yes I had done work on myself however shadow work was so much more.And let me tell you everything was being highlighted and it was challenging.I could not have imagined the impact and insights that doing this would give me and am forever grateful for Imelda’s part in this.

So what is our Shadow “the term ‘shadow’ refers to those parts of our personality that have been rejected out of fear, ignorance, shame, or lack of love. ‘the shadow is the person you would rather not be it would be the one you judge’ Elements cut off from consciousness within the Shadow may exert an enormous unseen influence in our lives and relationships.

To find out whether you hold shadow around certain things look at what gets to you where do you get emotionally triggered or charged.

The shadow has us tapping into old stories that are now being played out and we are the lead characters.

It’s easy to look elsewhere or blame others for the state of affairs our world is in , or the state we are in maybe blaming things on our parents.

Dr Hew Len referring to the doctor who teaches Ho oponopono, said, ‘'Isn’t funny that when ever shit hits the fan you are always there”,what he was saying is that there is no separation from what’s happening in our outer world to what’s really going on within us.

Now whether we recognise that is a different story but once you do you can’t go back.

You see part of shadow work is having the courage to take a 100% responsibility for everything that you note.

In the Shadow also holds the Golden Shadow” your constructive talents and strengths that, for one reason or another were not valued or were shamed by people in our lives.It is in balancing and accepting all of who you are that the emotional charge disappears.The amount of peace that brings to the mind, body and spirit is immense.

By actively engaging in Shadow work you will find that you won’t notice certain things you noted before because they have lost their grip on you.We only try to hide that which others have somewhere told us was not acceptable.By you accepting You, you will also truly accept others for who they are and there quirks.

Working with the Shadow is incredible work its ongoing work but it’s liberating and necessary if we want to see any changes for ourself or the world we have to to do the work.

Debbie Fords “The Dark side of the light chasers”

Dr Hew Len and Joe vitale “Zero Limits”

Tsultrim Allione ‘Feeding your Demon’.

Many Blessing


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