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Autumn The Gentle Journey within

Dear Friends,

As we are entering a new season we notice the changes in nature and possibly changes within us.

Autumn announces shorter days and less daylight.Some love it and others can find this difficult to adapt to.

Not until I moved out of London to Folkestone did my relationship with the seasons change.

When Autumn knocked on the door and the seaside town started to wind down I found it uncomfortable now all of the sudden there was nothing to do .It was me myself and I….and mother nature.

I felt like I was asked to become more still and in a very different way I was opening up to the environment surrounding.I was seeing more obvious changes.

Though then at times challenging I now treasure its many gifts and lessons.I feel more connected and there is a new level of acceptance of my inner Autumn and my process and learning to make space for that season in me.An acceptance of moving with the change rather then still going full speed.Mother nature teaches us when to take the time to observe and connect.This can really assist you in moving through the seasons with ease and grace.

So how can we work with the Autumn season rather than against?

First of all there is so much to celebrate by the time we reach Autumn.Yes the days become shorter and cooler which invites us to go within.Make this time an opportunity to take stock, tie up lose ends in regards to projects that have been overdue or outstanding.Maybe there are personal matters that need resolve, healing or being brought into harmony.

This is a great time to do just that.

Celebrate your achievements no matter how big or small !! .This is your harvest so really honour what you have done.Many times our focus goes to what we have not completed or gathered which completely disregards the journey .Sit in gratitude and hold space for yourself.Share some of your riches this can be shared wisdoms or food with your community or beloveds..You could go to a local orchard and pick seasonal fruit like apples and pears as mother nature has so much to offer.Go for long nature walks in the woods, by the sea, or to your local park.Observe how nature is changing in colour and form.But most of all get out there and see how it makes you feel.Engage and breath in this time of year.

As the darker days are upon us the more shadowy side of our relationship with ourself and others may come up.Reflecting is called for.For some this can bring anxiety, conflict and unease some stemming from the fear around darkness associating this with the unknown.It takes courage to work with our shadow side as it might push you out of your comfort zone.But accepting and working within this incredible fertile space bares many gifts.The shadow merely comes up as an opportunity to find balance,It reflects parts of ourself that we have denied. It is in darkness that the most beautiful life is created and takes form like the seed in the earth and a baby in the womb.

So as a support in this time you might want to explore meditation, breath work, journalling, drawing ,yoga or any practise that engages you creatively with what comes up whilst being deeply nourishing.To delve into that magical space within in you that holds so much knowledge.Be gentle however we are only winding down at this point.

This truly is an opportunity to reconnect to the flow of nature and the seasons within us so that we too can find our self riding the waves of change more effortlessly.

So gently let go, wind down and celebrate your harvest

Happy Autumn!!!!!!!!

Many Blessings Sjoukje

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