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My name is Sjoukje,


I am a Shamanic practitioner. My guides and I support people who are feeling disconnected to reconnect with their inner power.Many practices focus on continuous external assistance, we facilitate the safe space for people to reconnect with the qualities and strengths that they already have within themselves and offer practical tools to access them.Through meditation and imagination, we will take you on a magical journey of self-discovery for guidance and healing.

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Sjoukje Gummels is a Shamanic Practitioner and  a mother of two who travelled extensively in the fashion industry before moving to the UK in 2000.She works with energy healing disciplines such as Reiki, Regression Therapy and Shamanic Healing. 

Sjoukje has trained with world renowned teachers in Shamanism in the West:Sandra Ingerman and Imelda Almqvist.


She completed two courses in Core Shamanism with Sandra Ingerman through the Shift Network and completed her intensive Shamanic Practitioner Training with Imelda Almqvist in London 2018.

Sjoukje continued training under the guidance of Joan Parisi Wilcox in Andean Mysticism. 


Sjoukje Quotes:

''My personal journey of Shamanic healing has allowed me to deal with and heal deep seated challenges held around rejection ,trust and my sense of belonging.I now experience a deeper understanding and knowing of myself and my place in the web of life.In this process I have become truly grateful for the guidance from Spirit the support from my teachers and my family and wish to share this life changing work with those who feel called.''



Sjoukje has helped me see beyond the immediate circle of my life, and to grasp how wider influences can offer possibilities for healing. - Jiella

Sjoukje is a highly attuned and sensitive practitioner. The comfort and ease you feel in her presence and her lovely space is equal to the astonishingly spot on guidance and healing she delivers. It is quite astounding how accurate her preliminary journeys are so she knows exactly what is needed before you even step foot through her front door. She is also an excellent rune reader. I cannot recommend her enough! - Renate  

Sjoukje worked with me to resolve some deep seated emotional issues around my family, and some current physical health issues. Sjoukje is kind, loving and intuitive with a practical and grounded approach, a bright, uplifting energy and a gentle and knowing presence. The impact of my time with Sjoukje was far reaching and profound. Sjoukje connects meaningfully with other human beings, creating a trusting space in which healing can be ignited and facilitated. I feel very blessed to have found Sjoukje and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Sjoukje’. Kate M

It was an amazing experience which made significant changes in my life. I would highly recommend Sjoukje to anyone needing clarity, understanding and inner change. - R B  

I visited Sjoukje in a moment of deep pain and darkness. Sjoukje ‘lifted my heart out of it and helped me to reconnect with Spirit’. - MR 

Sjoukje has helped me access things I knew were having an effect on me but I couldn't put my finger on what they were. She is kind, considerate, and funny and I would recommend anyone to her.'   Suzi B 

I really enjoyed my session with Sjoukje. She is warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable straight away. She held a really safe space and I felt fully supported during and after the session. I really appreciate the time we spent working together and feel very grateful for her guidance and insight." Astra


My friend, A guide a relative one to alw

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