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The Opening to Intuition Retreat
A journey of connecting to your inner wisdom.
June 20-24th Puglia
Group Coachng
Embark on this enriching adventure and awaken your intuition amidst the serene landscapes of Puglia.


Step into a world of personal transformation and inner exploration with the Opening to Intuition Retreat in the enchanting landscapes of Puglia. Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of this region, our retreat offers a sanctuary for those seeking profound connection and self-discovery.

Through a carefully curated blend of shamanic journeys, immersive nature experiences, ceremonial rituals, creative expressions, and rejuvenating physical activities, participants embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and healing. This unique retreat provides a sacred space to tap into your intuition, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Join us for an unforgettable experience where you'll find solace, inspiration, and the tools to unlock your true potential. Whether you're craving personal growth, healing, or simply a respite from the demands of everyday life, the Opening to Intuition Retreat is your gateway to a transformative journey.

For detailed itinerary and bookings, please click below

Private Shamanic Healing

La Vita Sukha, which translates to "the life of enduring happiness," is dedicated to empowering and encouraging every coliving and retreat participant to embark on their own journey toward this state of fulfillment.

Co-founded by Liz Cirelli and Jarka Kunova, the beautiful space of La Vita Sukha is situated in the charming village of Roseto Valfortore, located in the region of Puglia in southern Italy.

To explore the accommodations, location, and ethos of La Vita Sukha, please visit the following link: La Vita Sukha. Discover the essence of enduring happiness with them.


16 Roseto Valfortore 1.jpg

Select from a variety of accommodations, including double, twin, and dormitory rooms. Indulge in delectable meals and unwind by the inviting pool.

Energy Exchange:


£888 To include all food, transfers, accommodation and activities. Accommodation is based on a Multi-share spacious dorm-style room.


£999 To include all food, transfers, accommodation and activities. Accommodation is twin or double room with ensuite (2 available)


£1111 To include all food, transfers, accommodation and activities. Accommodation is a Luxury private room with an ensuite. (1 available)

Book now and pay 50% upfront and 50% 30 days before the retreat starts.

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