Hey wonderful people 


I am so pleased to share with you that Gemma and I will host a Womb blessing ceremony together on the 3rd of July from 6-7.30pm at Grace hill studios in Folkestone.


This ceremony is to open up and reconnect to this sacred energy within our body.


This womb blessing is beautiful whether you have a womb or not,this is the sacred creative energy that houses within us ,in our sacral chakra.

We all have housed in a womb.


Not only do we have the potential to create absolute magic when we are in alignment here,but it also is place where we tend to hold trauma fear or pain.

Working with this magical energy we have the opportunity to clear ,heal and reclaim our gifts blessings and call back our power.

Working with the womb can support ancestral healing of wounds that have been carried through generations.

Here we have an opportunity to heal what has been held in the past and for the descendants 

It is ours to do.

A beautiful way to engage in this is under the guidance of the Spirit of Cacao.

She will deeply support us in opening our heart.

The beautiful Gemma will share this cacoa ceremony with us.

Gemma has a passion and is dedication to the ways of the Divine Feminine.

Guiding us back to our roots and to unlock and remember our true self,our abilities and our power

In celebrating you we will offer

  • A Guided journey
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Womb blessings
  • Cleansing

We so look forward sharing space with you 

FYI the ceremony is taking place is on the top floor in the loft space ,with steep stairs to climb.

We just want to make sure that for those of you that are physically challenged this might not be the most suitable location for you.

Do get intouch as we will try to support you to the best of our ability, if you need that.

Many Blessings 


Womb Blessings and Cacao ceremony