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The new moon signifies a sacred time of new beginnings and infinite potential.

Everything that ever came into being starts in the depth of fertile darkness.

As the moon begins its silent ascent, we too are invited to embark on fresh journeys, setting intentions that resonate with our dreams.


In this profound stillness, we reflect and plan, drawing on the wisdom of the Elements: the grounding strength of Earth, the transformative energy of Fire, the cleansing flow of Water, and the expansive breath of Air.

All of the Elements hold such wisdom that we will really draw on and work with them.


Engaging in rituals and ceremony during this phase—such as lighting candles, creating an Altar, meditating, or journaling—connects us to the cycles of nature and the cosmos, deepening your spiritual growth and rejuvenation.


Embracing this time ,these cycles, we prepare to manifest our dreams, trusting in the universe's boundless possibilities and know that there is always a time to start again.


Once a month we will gather on zoom.

Led by the drum we will journey connect deeper to the wisdom that the dark moon brings.


I so look forward to connecting with you on these new moon gatherings.

New Moon Ceremony

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New Moon Ceremony
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